50 and fine – Fort Collins studio boudoir photographer

| Modern Beauty

50 and fine – This woman is gorgeous!  Photography by Desiree is a Fort Collins boudoir photographer.  We specialize in Modern Beauty and Boudoir Sessions.  Modern Beauty Sessions are always an opportunity to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and an opportunity to inhabit our bodies for an afternoon. Modern Beauty is a bit… Read more »

Urban High School Senior {fort collins photographer}

| PBD Models, Seniors

I love being a Fort Collins high school senior photographer! We did this Urban High School Senior Session with Kailey.  Kailey is a absolute heart melter. She is literally the cutest person ever. I love photographing her!  She is part of our PBD Model team this year, so it has been fun getting to know… Read more »

Will | Senior

| Seniors

Will had such a great personality and was so much fun to photograph.  He was charismatic, bright, and engaging.  We did a bit of studio and urban for Will’s session.  I appreciated the opportunity to photograph such a confident guy who was really bringing his A-game.

Oliver | Family

| Family

I am so lucky to photograph the people I love.  Marcy is an amazing woman with an incredibly artistic eye, who owns a  local frame shop, Old Town Art & Framery. In the 11 years we have known each other, we have not only supported each other’s businesses, but also created a friendship that will… Read more »

Be Brave | County Fair

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In the spirit of celebrating the last days of summer, we went to the county fair with our PBD model team. Loved having fun with the girls, eating cotton candy, winning fish, and the cat calls of many boys 🙂

Parker | Senior

| Seniors

Parker is an amazing addition to our PBD model team.  We did something country and something city for her senior location session, where we showcased all the sides of her personality 🙂  I love Parker’s confidence, her smile, her go get it attitude, and the spirit she brings to each and every thing she does.

Maddie | Senior

| Seniors

Maddie has really flourished on our PBD model team.  It’s so fun to see the girls through the year open up and come into their own quiet confidence and learn how to connect in front of the camera.  Maddie chose an urban session to fit her personality.  We love photographing in Old Town, it’s such… Read more »

Mackenzie | Senior

| Seniors

Mackenzie has been such a rock star on our PBD model team this year.  She wanted something edgy and fashion forward so we chose urban and studio for her senior session to meet that vibe.  She is hard working, determined, and strong in so many ways.  This girl may just conquer the world.

Be Brave | Summer State of Mind

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So excited to release these images, we had such a blast at this shoot! Our 2017 PBD model team has really brought their A-game for this concept shoot. All the girls that participated are so much fun and can we mention, completely adorable! Thanks again to Jacqui for being such a good host and letting us… Read more »

Paris | Senior

| Seniors

What I love about photographing Paris is showing all the sides of her personality.  She is quirky, gorgeous, adorable and funny!  Paris chose a location session which included both Urban and Natural settings.

Be Brave | 70’s Chic

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Our 70’s inspired photo was a hit. A big thanks to all our our models who put so much effort into their outfits that really pulled the shoot together! We were also published on the website Senior’s Ignite for our shoot! Check it out here: Desiree Suchy Boho Chic

Schump | Family

| Family

I love photographing this family!  We have done several sessions together, and this group thoroughly entertains me each and every time.  We go out and let the kids run wild and every once in a while catch them and throw them up in the air.  I love how we capture their personalities and the relationships… Read more »

Riley | Tween

| Tweens

This was a tween session.  It’s so much fun to have an opportunity to show kids their beauty at this age, when they feel awkward and often can’t recognize their strengths.  Great images at this point in their lives can be a real game changer.

Olivia | Senior

| Seniors

This was Olivia’s senior session.  This was an opportunity to celebrate her unique personality and coming in to her own quiet confidence.  She wanted something out of the ordinary, something that showed her love and dedication to yoga.

Michelle & John | Engagement

| Couples

What an amazing time in your life, when you’ve found your other half and decide to join your lives together.  This is a perfect time for a session that represents the time in your life before you were married, before kids…when it was just the two of you.  I absolutely love engagement sessions and photographing… Read more »

Kuck | Family

| Family

We’ve been photographing this crew for years!  We love family sessions that speak to who you are and the relationships in your family.  It’s so much fun to watch families grow, change and to have had the opportunity to document their journey.  This year they added horses and cars to their session…and a couple of… Read more »

King | Family

| Family

I have been documenting all the milestones of this family for 10 years.  Together we have created a visual history for these boys.  All of the albums we have created show them growing up, their hobbies and interests, their family relationships, all of the people that are near and dear to them are represented.  This… Read more »

Jimmy | Senior

| Seniors

Jimmy wanted to do a session that showed who he was and what he was about.  He loves his car, baseball and his family.  I love photographing guys and showing their diversity.  He has the best mom in the universe it seems to me, she was a dream to work with.  She loved all of… Read more »

Gianna | Senior

| Seniors

Gianna was part of our high school senior model program in 2015/2016. It was so much fun to get to know her and her family over the year and photograph her in so many different ways.  She is an amazing dancer, has an incredible personality and a smile that lights up a room.  And that laugh…it’s one… Read more »

Emma | Senior

| Seniors

Emma was part of our high school senior model program in 2015/2016. She was one of 12 selected in a national competition to represent We Are The Seen, as well as SEEN in print- a style and culture magazine.  As a winner, she had the opportunity to do a few other sessions with me that… Read more »

Charlene | Modern Beauty

| Modern Beauty

Charlene wanted to do a session celebrating all of her hard work getting her body back in shape after having her fourth child.  These images show who she is as a business owner, a wife, and a confident woman.  We all have a reason to celebrate ourselves.  Modern Beauty sessions empower you and show you… Read more »